Feddermann and Lankau GmbH offers the most demanded auto parts under competitive prices under the AUTLOG trademark (Auto parts + Logistics). We are focused on the needs of the international independent auto parts market. Our many years of experience and connections with global automotive industry suppliers allow us to offer high-quality products and an attractive range of auto parts for the engine and chassis.
Only a satisfied customer is a good customer! Therefore, service is so important to us. Our service offers fast and reliable delivery, as well as a 24-month warranty and high availability of auto parts offered by us.
The auto parts market is developing rapidly. And therefore we are always in search of new products and technical developments! Thanks to our orientation to the future, we are always at the forefront.
In the catalog provided by us you will find all products of the trademark AUTLOG. You can easily download the catalog on our website and directly order the necessary auto parts.
So, on the subsequent pages of the site you can learn more about the AUTLOG trademark, products and services.