The Torsion Group company presents the Dropshipping service


Dropshipping, or a direct delivery agreement is one of the business models, the essence of which is that you can make sales via the Internet remotely and you do not need to have stocks of goods in stock. And also, you yourself determine your earnings.

Torsion Group, on behalf of the logistics organization, sends the order to the final customer.
When ordering by Dropshipping, documents DO NOT INCLUDE in the parcel.

In the Dropshipping model, we are responsible for delivery, this frees you from the need to resolve a number of issues:
- sale from a physical outlet (in quarantine);
- ensuring stock availability;
- inventory;
- payment for packaging;
- Logistics (packaging and delivery to the carrier’s office).

No wonder dropshipping has become especially popular in various areas of online sales. It makes it possible to start a business with a minimum starting capital, requires less expenses in the process of work, and allows potential buyers to offer a wide range of product assortment.
Today, the whole country is in quarantine, but the need of people for auto parts remains relevant. In this situation, Dropshipping is very appropriate. There is no need for personal contact with the buyer.To work on Dropshipping, it is not necessary to work via the Internet. Orders can be made over the phone. To do this, you need to contact your manager.

If you have a website or platform for selling on the Internet, we will provide you with all the necessary information for ease of downloading the range:
- daily price list, adapted for uploading to the site, with up-to-date information on availability and prices;
- we provide crosses for our entire range;
- send links to photos to upload to the site;
- there is the possibility of exchanging data through the API;
- also, it is possible to make (if necessary) a special price for downloading to the PROM.UA platform

And also, if you make telephone sales, you can always call your manager, who will place a dropshipping order over the telephone.
The declaration number automatically comes to the e-mail specified by you, as well as the consignment note.
If you send an order with cash on delivery, then in such an order a commission for the transaction (margin) is assumed. You indicate cash on delivery, taking into account your earnings.
Our company has developed a scheme for the withdrawal of commission per transaction (margin). After the buyer has settled with the carrier (Nova Posta), you will see in your office your earnings, which you can withdraw in any way convenient for you. Transfer to a bank card, or repayment of receivables.

Orders placed before 15.59 are shipped day to day.

Despite the current situation and quarantine introduced in the country, our Torsion Group company continues to work, and we will try to help you simplify your work in the current conditions in the country.