Modernization of shock absorbers TM "HOLA" line


Newsletter HOLA ™ CFD and G'Ride Series Shock Absorbers

Dear partners, we hereby inform about the modernization of the line of shock absorbers for cars of Russian brands LADA, GAZ, UAZ. The high-tech series of CFD Series oil shock absorbers and G'Ride Series gas-oil shock absorbers are introduced into the product group.
In order to quickly determine visually by type, HOLA ™ shock absorbers are painted in the appropriate colors:
CFD Series - orange color;
G'Ride Series - dark blue color.

To determine the type of shock absorber in the management system, the HOLA ™ shock absorber article contains the additional symbol “G”, which means that it belongs to the G'Ride Series gas-oil shock absorber group. Absence of the ending “G” defines the HOLA ™ shock absorber as the “CFD Series Oil Shock Absorber”.

SH21-270 - Oil damper CFD Series trans. left for LADA Granta
SH21-270G - G'Ride Series Gas Oil Absorber Per. left for LADA Granta

Consider the above information when working with HOLA™ products