Tosol GLINT Profi -40


Tosol A-40M Trioless coolant liquid, made on the basis of modern antifreeze components with a combination of anticorrosive and anti-foam additives using the components of the BAYER and BASF firms. Used in modern cooling systems engines, where there is a need for increased protection of heat-resistant surfaces.
Ensures the perfect cooling system performance for 180,000 km. In winter it prevents the cooling system from freezing, and in summer from overheating. Temperature range from -41 to + 112 ° C. It does not contain nitrites, amines, phosphates and silicates. Absolutely safe for aluminum and alloys, synthetic materials and rubber. Compatible with traditional car coolant fluids.

Composition: glycerin, water, anticorrosion and anti-foam additives, dye.

Precautionary measures: In case of contact with skin and mucous membranes, rinse contaminated areas with water. Avoid getting antifreeze in the soil. It is important that lubricants, gasoline or diesel fuel, in any case, do not get into the coolant - these substances can cause foaming of the coolant.

Manufacturer: MFK.
Address: 22400, Vinnytska obl., M.Kalinovka, st. V. Nesterchuk, 1,
tel + 380 (67) 373 11 11

Using glycerin as a coolant. Safe for cooling systems. Shelf life: 5 years. The date of manufacture, lot and net weight are indicated on the package.