Korean concern S-Oil Corporation, one of the largest and most competitive players in the oil market in the Asia-Pacific region, where it has been present for over 40 years. The joint-venture of the Korean S-Oil Corporation and the French TOTAL Raffinage Marketing S.A. founded in 2008 is engaged in the production of commercial oils. - One of the six largest manufacturers of lubricants in the world - S-Oil Total Lubricant Company. Thanks to the introduction of innovative production processes, S-Oil was one of the first in the world to start producing engine oil with the most popular viscosity of 10W-40 and received an official certificate for the production of oils of the SN category API classification system. The Korean manufacturer is also one of the first to launch the production of hydrocracking oils, which have an improved molecular structure, enhanced resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical effects and stable properties throughout the entire life cycle.

S-Oil products are manufactured from high-grade base oils using high-tech additive packages from leading world developers and manufacturers, such as Infineum, Lubrizol, Afton, etc. The use of modern materials and advanced motor oil production technologies put S-Oil corporation on a par with world producers of lubricants, and its own high-tech production of base oils gives a competitive advantage and makes its products very affordable.