New design of the package of High-voltage wires TM "HORT"


Dear customers, partners, friends!

ТМ "HORT" is glad to present a new design of the package of high-voltage wires.

High-voltage wires HORT are produced in three series:

  • In the High performance wires, the dielectric insulation layer is made of a synthetic material and the carbon conductor core is reinforced with a Kevlar reinforcing thread impregnated with graphite.
  • In the Silicone series, the wire consists of two insulating layers made of silicone-containing materials, including a high-tech braid to protect the conductor from damage, and a carbon conductive core with a Kevlar reinforcing thread impregnated with graphite. Contact tips made of copper-brass alloy ensure the quality connection of ignition system components and are not subject to oxidation.
  • In the Platinize series, the conductive core is made of a Kevlar core covered with a ferro layered sheath, the wire is wound on a stainless steel wire helically with 50 turns per 1 cm of wire length, which provides an optimum resistance of 5.6 kΩ / m. The insulation of the current-carrying vein consists of two layers of silicone-containing materials, between which is a reinforcing braid of synthetic fibers.