EXIDE Technologies is the leader of innovation technologies. Due to the connection of leading manufactures (Electric Storage Battery Company founded in 1888 year, Tudor Accumulator founded in 1897 year, Hagen Batteries and GNB Technologies) in sphere of energy accumulation and its saving, today EXIDE Technologies operates in more than 80 countries.
Science centers of EXIDE Technologies opened in Spain and Germany provide and guarantee the innovation technologies in industrial sphere.
The division Exide Transportation produces the wide range of starter battery for cars, commercials vehicle supporting almost 100% of automobiles.
Today the Company offers the following starter batteries:
- Technology Carbon Boost for autos with large power motors and strong power cockpit, good to use in extremal weather conditions and intensive urban drive;
- Technology Exide AGM for trucks, offroaders, minibuses, vehicles with Start-Stop system and energy –intensive equipment does not require to add the water;
- Technology Exide EFB for light cars has the better charging advantage with more long service life;
- Technology 3DX grid presented in each starter battery Exide.