The trademark HOLA is one of the most popular brand preferred by car owners. The authorized factories around the World produce spare parts with high quality.
The base of modern technology is multiyear scientific production activity started in 1997 year.
The center of innovation technology has near 40 patents in the sphere of auto spare parts production created in Netherlands on this year..
From 2013 year, HOLA realized the project Long Life Warranty, reached to modernize the system of quality control and increased the service life of spare parts HOLA.
The current offers of the Company are the transmission spare parts: hoses, pads and disks; filter kits: cabin filters, air, oil and fuel, radiators and pumps, ignition leads and spark plugs, belts, bearings and wind wipers; the suspension system – shock absorbers and ball joints; the drive system – the rod ends.
HOLA acts constantly to increase the assortment. New types of shock absorbers, as G’Ride and CFD, clutch kits and other goods appeared on the last years.