Trademark WEEN is the joint project of WEEN H&H (Netherlands) and Toyota Tsusho corporation (Japan division). The aim of brand creation is to enter premium automotive spare parts and components on the market. The manufactures are located in Europe (Poland, Great Britain and Netherlands) and Asia region (Korea and China). Toyota Tsusho Corporation controls all stages of production and assures high quality products basing on international standards and having ISO/TS 16949:2002 certificate on the factories. WEEN H&H takes care about promotion and evolution of WEEN trademark.
Brand WEEN has a creative approach to the production of automotive spare parts, it regularly takes part in specialized conferences, innovation forums. In addition, it organizes tradeshows and invests in scientific and technological research projects.
WEEN range includes fuel pumps, thermostats, brake shoes, filters, spark plugs, spark plug wires and windshield. WEEN got the name of premium supplier with Auto catalog TecDoc and more other European awards for high quality products. The reliability and long operation life of automotive components are confirmed by the mark “Toyota Tsusho Corporation’.
WEEN provides 100 000 kilometers warranty for Power spark plugs! Only a few manufactures provide such terms.